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Siemens Inaugurates Egypt’s First Smart Cities Experience Center

Immersive experience combines the real and the digital worlds, moving from smart city theory to smart tech reality

Siemens opened Egypt’s first Smart Cities Experience Center, offering customers an immersive experience that combines real and digital worlds. The center showcases the latest technologies for creating sustainable and efficient smart city infrastructure, buildings, and industries. It is located at Siemens in Egypt’s head office in Cairo.

The Smart Cities Experience Center aims to provide a rich experience based on real project experience, ensuring successful smart city realization. Under this concept, visitors can understand the benefits of transforming current communities into smart cities. They can also observe the latest smart infrastructure technologies for buildings and cities, including low-voltage to medium-voltage electrification, energy management, intelligent power distribution solutions, and SCADA systems for utilities management such as water, gas, and electricity.

“The inauguration of Egypt’s first Smart Cities Experience Center developed by Siemens is an important breakthrough that aligns with Egypt’s digital development strategy,” said H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy. “We encourage the role of the private sector in the state’s comprehensive development process by using all aspects of emerging technologies and innovations to enable a fully integrated and efficient smart city platform.”

The inauguration of the Siemens Smart Cities Experience Center in Egypt complements the country’s digital strategy, which involves the implementation of 17 smart cities. These cities aim to leverage the latest technologies in order to facilitate the transition towards an integrated digital society.

“Germany has always been a partner to Egypt’s modernization strategy. To that extend, we are thrilled to witness a new step towards our common goal to facilitate Egypt’s transition towards an integrated digital economy,” said H.E. Frank Hartmann, German Ambassador to Egypt. “Siemens is heavily involved with accelerating Egypt‘s smart infrastructure, with its latest digital solutions, technological innovations and sustainable operations to contribute to building a sustainable future for the upcoming generations.”

“As one of Egypt’s strategic partners and a major contributor to technology and infrastructure, Siemens Smart Cities Experience Center supports the country’s sustainability strategy and accelerates the journey to a digital economy through smart electrification and building automation,” said Mostafa El-Bagoury, CEO of Siemens Egypt. “To further this vision, we are confident the facility will provide valuable hands-on experience for the government, its agencies, private developers, and infrastructure consultants, enabling them to witness the transition to a smart city firsthand.”

Siemens has been a longstanding strategic partner to Egypt, playing a crucial role in driving economic growth and supporting its young and expanding population. The company aims to unlock the full potential of smart infrastructure, optimizing operations, promoting new employment opportunities, and ensuring environmental sustainability in cities and tourist destinations.

Source : Zawya

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