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Which Archaeological Sites and Museums in Egypt Apply Cashless Ticketing System?

As Egypt is now directed to being a cashless society, among the plans is to make the museums accept cashless payments for tickets. Daily News Egypt reveals which museums and archaeological sites now apply a cashless ticketing system, including the most popular payment options for both individual tourists and travel agencies. The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry has just started adopting a payment system where visitors can pay with any type of bank card to enter certain museums and archaeological sites.

The Unfinished Obelisk, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, and Abu Simbel temples in Aswan, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, the Nubian Museum, the Giza Pyramids, and the Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Citadel are the locations where the new system is currently in effect. All cash transactions are halted, and only cashless payments are accepted.

According to the Ministry’s press statement, cash payments for Egyptian school trips will be accepted, until the ministry completes the electronic platform that enables various schools to pre-book their school travels using bank cards as well.

There are several methods to purchase tickets for museums and archaeological sites:

First: For tourism companies and foreign individual visitors

1)     The tourism company may purchase group visit tickets from the Collective Tickets Centre in the Ministry for its customers who want to visit these sites and museums. The cost of these tickets must be paid for through bank transfers from the company’s bank account or by using bank cards at the centre.

2)     To purchase tickets on-site, the guide or representative is given a payment card by the tourism firm from an Egyptian bank that provides payment cards to businesses.

3)     Foreign tourists may use their own credit cards to purchase entry tickets when they arrive at the archaeological site or the museum.

4)     The company should purchase tickets online from the ministry’s website

  Second: For individual Egyptian visitors

1) Tickets must be purchased online through

2) Using a bank card or prepaid Meeza card that is issued by Egyptian banks to purchase entry tickets from the ticket center at an archaeological site or a museum.

3) The purchase of visit tickets for Egyptian visitors, whether adults or students, by bank card or cash, continues to be available in some limited locations on a temporary basis.

Source : Dailynewsegypt

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