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Young Couple Arrested for Committing Obscene Act on Top of Cairo Bridge

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior arrested a young man and the girl who committed an obscene act on the main road at the top of one of the bridges in Cairo, offending modesty and injuring the morals of the community publicity.

Social media users shared a video, taken by a neighbor living by the area, of a young man and a girl practicing a scandalous act on the top of Rod El Farag bridge on the public street in Sahel.

The video clip raised a question about the penalty for an indecent act on the public road.

Investigations revealed that the young man and the minor girl, who committed the scandalous act, are in the second year of secondary school.

The young man was born in 2005, a public secondary school student, and the girl is a year older than him, born in 2004.

The investigations showed that the young couple confessed as soon as they were caught that they had an emotional relationship with each other, which made them commit the indecent act and exchange kisses and hugs.

The Penal Code stipulates that: “Whoever publicly commits a scandalous act sincere with modesty shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding 300 pounds.”

The crime of “public scandalous act” is only based on the availability of three pillars; a material act that offends a person’s modesty or injure the morals of the community publicity. Second, it requires witnesses, and third, the intent of deliberately committing the scandalous act.

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