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Commander of naval forces raises Egyptian flag on Meko A-200 Frigate Al-Aziz

Egypt’s Armed Forces received its first Meko-A200 frigate, which was built by TKMS at the German SBN Arsenal, marking its entry into service with the Egyptian Navy, which has recently witnessed a huge technological breakthrough in its armament systems and combat efficiency.

During the ceremony held in the German city of Bremerhaven, General Ashraf Atwa — Commander of the Naval Forces — raised the Egyptian flag on the Frigate Al-Aziz.

The new multitask frigate has the ability to sail for a distance of 6,800 nautical miles, a maximum speed of up to 28 knots, a total length of (121.6) metres, and a displacement of up to 3,931 tonnes.

It has also many technical characteristics and modern armament systems that enable it to carry out all combat missions at sea in peacetime and war, as well as combating various maritime threats (surface, air, and subsurface).

The frigate can combat smuggling and illegal migration, securing the various natural resources of the state at sea.

This makes it a huge technological addition to the potential of the naval forces, supporting their ability to protect Egyptian national security

General Ashraf Atwa also delivered a speech at the event in which he stressed the pride of the Egyptian leadership in the depth and strength of Egyptian-German relations and the convergence of views on many issues and topics.

Furthermore, he expressed the Egyptian Armed Forces’ keenness to implement a comprehensive strategy to develop and modernise the Egyptian naval fleet, enhance security and stability in the areas of operation of the naval forces, and to support its ability to face current challenges and risks in the region.

He also described the new unit as the most advanced in the Egyptian navy, enhancing its ability to achieve maritime security and protect borders and economic interests in the Red and Mediterranean Seas and serve as a deterrent force that provides safe maritime navigation in light of the challenges witnessed in the region.

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