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Sand Sculpture Festival Held at Egypt’s Mediterranean Beach to Attract Art Talents, Tourists

The four-day Alexandria Sand Sculpture Festival, the first of its kind held by Alexandria governorate to promote tourism and encourage young talents, concluded on Wednesday evening.

Thirteen entrants from Alexandria University, Matrouh University and Damietta University took part in the event.

Mohamed Ehab from Alexandria University won first place with his sculpture depicting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a main library and cultural center in Alexandria.

Nancy Khaled, also from Alexandria University, won second with her turtle sculpture with a castle on its back.

Omniya Raafat, the third-place winner from Matrouh University, shared her “excellent” but “difficult” experience while making her gorilla sculpture.

“While I was working on my sculpture, half of it collapsed due to the wind, which frustrated me a lot. But many people said they liked my entry and encouraged me to continue,” she recalled, saying the prize made all her efforts worthwhile.

Other artworks include a half-face half-book sculpture from Abedel-Rahman Mohamed, a 19-year-old art student from Alexandria University.

“I sculpted a portrait of half a face which is wrapped in chains with the key hidden in the other half — an open book, symbolizing the importance of reading,” the young man explained his artwork to Xinhua.

Alexandria Governor Mohamed Taher Elsherief said they planned to hold the sculpture festival every year.

“It’s a beautiful art gathering that sheds light on the talents of our youth in Alexandria and other provinces,” the governor added.

The event attracted a lot of visitors who came to admire the displayed sand artwork while enjoying the seaside view.

Saeed Attiya, a retiree who’s currently living in Alexandria, hailed the festival as “beautiful and new,” saying, “it’s a nice festival, and we’ve had a beautiful day here.”

“Art is a beautiful thing, without which one cannot live,” the visitor added.  

Source: Xinhua

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